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Built: 1863. Current Owner: United Distillers. Production Capacity: 2,500,000. House style: Sweet, grassy and sometimes smoky. James Simpson Jr. built Banff Distillery at Inverboyndie, about a mile from Banff to replace a distillery of the same name which had been built in 1824. Originally Banff practiced triple distillation before converting to the more traditional double distillation method. Over the years Banff distillery has had its problems with fire, being damaged by a severe blaze in 1877. On August 16th 1941 a single enemy aircraft also bombed the site, hitting warehouse number 12. The Banffshire Journal reported that thousands of gallons of whisky were lost and it is said that Boyndie burn ran with so much whisky that farm animals became intoxicated, and the cows could not stand to be milked in the morning! In 1933 the distillery came under the ownership of SMD and was closed and demolished in 1983. Good supplies of maturing stock were left, which has allowed for several independent bottlings to be released.
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Barrell 14 Year Old Single Barrel Rye LVS Selection 130 Proof

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Barrell 14 Year Old Single Barrel Rye LVS Selection 130 Proof

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